Saddle Up Club

Our horse ministry is a great way for horse lovers to meet and make new friends in a Christian environment, whether horse friend or human friend.  God loves it when we glorify him through everyday activities!

The Saddle Up Club meets approximately six times a year.  Members of this club will produce a Saddle Up Club newsletter approximately four times a year, where the members will literally “write to ride.”  Contact us at for dates of our meetings and receive more information concerning the newsletter.  We do cancel club meets if we have threatening rain/lightening storms.  At times, we will cancel when our grounds are just to muddy.  We normally will not reschedule for cancellations.  The club meets from 2:00 to 4:30 on Sundays. 

One of the main focuses at our farm is safety.  We want to be sure that our riders and parents know all the safety precautions before they mount a horse.  Therefore, we require that you read the barn and riding rulesand sign our liability release form before participating in any of our horse activities.

Click here for our brochure!  Print it out and send it to family and friends that you think may be interested in the Saddle Up Club.  We do however have a limited number of members and may not have any openings.