Lessons & Trails

We specialize in pleasure horseback riding in a family friendly atmosphere.  We provide guidance and direction to ensure a successful future with horses.  Riders can progress through all stages of riding ability, using a variety of horses in the arena or wooded trails.

Our trail rides are guided. at a relaxing walk on our gentle horses.  (Perhaps a more aggressive ride if you display competent experience.)  While riding in the peaceful, scenic woods, you may spot deer or wild turkeys.

Our training includes safety & handling, horse care & grooming, saddling & ride preparation, mounting & dismounting, reining techniques, hand, leg & voice commands, posture, exercises, and advanced horsemanship training.

Beginner Riders will learn to control a lesson horse at a walk and trot (or gait) with turns and can stop the horse.  A beginner rider slows down and walks a lesson horse if he/she feels he/she is losing his/her balance at the trot or gait.  This rider will remain a Beginner Rider until he/she has developed the balance and confidence to lope or canter.

Once the rider has developed confidence to lope or canter without losing balance, we considered the rider to be an Advanced Beginner Rider.  At this stage, the rider may receive instructional trail rides for an additional half hour and may have other student(s) to join as well.

Due to space limitations, our program is structured to begin riding lessons for those 10+.  When space permits, we will accommodate 7, 8, & 9 year olds for riding lessons on a private one-on-one basis.  If you are interested in riding lessons, contact us atgaitsofgracefarm@charter.net.

Lessons are $20 per hour.  Download “Barn & Riding Rules” and “Liability Release Form” on our website for more information/instructions concerning riding lessons.  Also click “here” for our brochure.

Our horses are mainly gaited Tennessee Walkers.  Our hobby is trail riding together as a family as we enjoy viewing a variety of plant life and birds, and occasionally spotting a deer or turkey.  We want you to experience the awesome outdoors with God’s creatures and savoring His beauty on the wooded trails as well!